Things R Better

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Fall 2022: Concord and Manchester in person

Spring 2022; Virtual with OLLI GSC April 9/16; Fall 2021: virtual with OLLI UConn Sept 13/20; OLLI

Things are better than you think --- thanks to Hans Rosling

Tired of Pandemics, Politics, Propaganda, Personalized Ads, and anything starting with "P"? There is another, and actually more accurate way to view the world ... it's not the "sliver lining" it is the "silver center".

We will view various TED videos by Hans, at least review his book "Factfullness: Ten Reasons We're Wrong About the World -- and Why Things Are Better than You Think." Han's message is not just the data/fact based reality that things have and are improving, but we have built in resistance to recognizing the improvements. Hopefully we will all come away, not just feeling better about the world, but recognizing how to avoid or mitigate the "joy suckers" that make us feel worse.


Week 1

  • Pre-test

  • How not to be ignorant about the world - TED Video

  • Global Population Growth (2010)

Week 2

  1. The Dollar Street Project -- TED Video (2017)

  2. The Magic Washing Machine (2010)