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Pervasive, Invasive & Persuasive

A number of my classes are building on a core set of related resources ... and it makes sense to consolidate these into a single page that I can maintain, rather than have pages falling out of date.  Some of these will relate to one topic area, and not a specific class, but the connections are painfully real.

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Jim's top 10 --- please consider these documentaries/TED talks and one book from the list below

2024 Resource pointers

Generative AI's emerging -- A few sources (Be aware, the generated results can be incorrect, fabricated -- or worse)

TED talk: Why AI is incredibly smart and shockingly stupid (April 2023)

AI Tools to try some are "open source models" you can download, perhaps even train on your data source selections. In this case links to online (free) versions are provided here so you are not loading software onto your machine.
Text Generation

Image Generation

Video Generation

Deep Fake considerations (images, audio, video)

Social/economic/Job impact

A Primer on AI concepts from the Alan Turing Institute:
Leslie, D., Burr, C., Aitken, M., Cowls, J., Katell, M., and Briggs, M. (2021). Artificial intelligence, human rights, democracy, and the rule of law: a primer. The Council of Europe 

What you can do -- some personal actions 

The Challenges 

Privacy - we are being tracked and analyzed across the web and beyond

AI and Propaganda

Advertising Business Model - Sharing fear and outrage for profit

Real News --- how can you tell? Who can you trust? - list of verification resources 

Entities & Proposals seeking to offset the impacts

The First Amendment Issues and Challenges

The Political Side of things

AI reading list