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Pervasive, Invasive & Persuasive

A number of my classes are building on a core set of related resources ... and it makes sense to consolidate these into a single page that I can maintain, rather than have pages falling out of date. Some of these will relate to one topic area, and not a specific class, but the connections are painfully real.

Short URL: Referenced from: my Digital Footprints courses [Click here for my recent "book" reading list which overlaps in some ways but is more general]

What you can do -- some personal actions

The Challenges

Privacy - we are being tracked and analyzed across the web and beyond

AI and Propaganda

Advertising Business Model - Sharing fear and outrage for profit

Real News --- how can you tell? Who can you trust? - list of verification resources

Entities & Proposals seeking to offset the impacts

The First Amendment Issues and Challenges

The Political Side of things

    • Russia in 2016:

    • 2016

      • Bloomberg's In the Trump Bunker 2016

      • Project Alamo "These websites were created in among other countries Macedonia and worked as the source for articles that were untrue, exaggerated or improved the image of Donald Trump. This was published in a mixture with everything else that was entirely true"

  • Organizations seeking to manipulate elections

    • Analytics firms providing services (typically just to one side for reasons of preference, or conflict of interest)

    • (I find some of these folks by looking at my Facebook settings for Ads and specifically, "Advertisers who have uploaded and shared a list with your info")

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