Spies, Lies and Sunken Subs

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Critical Thinking and the Cold War

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Spring 2024 - OLLI Concord -- April 16, 23, 30, May 7

A series of events from 1968 though 1975, and ongoing disclosures, books, freedom of information act revelations create an interesting opportunity to consider critical thinking, reading between the lines, etc.  What we do know is that for many years the facts related to the 1968 loss of the Soviet K129 sub, the effort to raise all or part of it and the relationship, if any, to the 1968 loss of the USS Scorpion involve misinformation, cover stories, and lies from many if not all of the persons with information about these.  Evaluating the information available over the years as disclosures emerged, gives us an interesting opportunity to ask key questions such as "what did happen?", "Why",  and perhaps most useful "how would we know the real story?" 

The Two Day format -- 2.5 hours each day

First class: 2.5 Hours

Second Class: 2.5 Hours

======================  4/5 Week Format ==================

First Class -- 2 hrs

View "Azorian" movie (100 minutes)

Identify questions to research

Assignments -

read books, Google, Wikipedia etc. information on  (See bibliography)

Be aware that some of the information is deliberate lies, other may be misinformed or not well considered.

A few critical thinking questions to consider as you research these sources:

Second Class -- 1.5 Hours   -- Full Class Presentation

Third Class -- 1.5 Hours

Fourth class -- 1.5 Hours

Fifth class -- 1.5 Hours (optional)

Another sub story .... The Cuban Missile crisis

The Man Who Saved The World; Oct. 23, 2012 Secrets of the Dead -- Subs and the Cuban  Missile Crisis

Research these --for Cuban Crisis - who knew what when and how did it affect the outcome?

Questions  -- for Jim Isaak's "Spies, Lies and Sunken Subs" class (http://is.gd/sunkensubs)


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