Steve Gilvar & Jim Isaak "Present" -- OLLI Manchester Oct 12-Nov 2, Fridays from 10-12

The scope here is for long-term, active living options   Short URL for this page is: https://is.gd/NHretirement
These include 55+ housing communities, 55+ apartment housing, Continuing/Life Care communities  -- both non-profit and commercial.  [Not included would be nursing care facilities or assisted living facilities unless they are incorporated into the more active living situations]

Home Service Models; 55+ focused living - residences, condos, apartments, mobile homes ..

Session 1
Session 2
  • Condos, Apartments
  • 55+ community options
  • Guest: President of a local Home Association in a 55+ condo community
Session 3 -- Continuing Care Retirement Communities
  • Map of the 13+ CCRCs in NH (here)
  • Getting good advice - Legal, Accountant, etc.
Session 4
Continuing Care Retirement Communities (vary from active retirement living though nursing care, in some cases in the same facility)
NH Non-profit Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC):
[evaluation of non-profits and recent IRS form 990s available from Guidestar, or ProPublica ]
NH Insurance Dept List of CCRC's and annual report information
Rental Units
Commercial residences (mostly condos and housing developments promoted by commercial sales entities)
Concept Resources:
Beyond the scope of this class (long term care, memory care facilities, assisted living facilities, etc.)