Analytics, Social Media and Privacy

A 2 hour snoop into the issues surfaced by the recent Facebook and Cambridge Analytica privacy "awakening" 
OLLI Concord (Zoom to Conway) 10-12, Tuesday, Feb 26th  [Accessible via ]
Prior - OLLI Manchester --  1:00 - 3:00 PM, Wednesday, December 5 

Relevant resources and events:
  • PBS Frontline "The Facebook Dilemma", Oct 29 & 30, 2018 
  • Search Facebook Ads (since April 2018) and see who has been pushing what as well as their success rate and targests
  • Cambridge Analytica is out of business, May 2018  -- but Long live Emerdata
  • Not to mention parallel companies: Palantir and In-Q-Tel
  • MIT Technology Review, April 2018, has a good outline of the events and issues associated with Facebook/CA
  • Cambridge Analytica related videos:
    • Cambridge Analytica CEO describes the application of Big Data to affect U.S. elections  June 2016) (11 Min video) this particular video provides a bit more insight on the sources and range of big data involved
  • 60 Minutes segment on Aleksander Kogan, Sept. 2018
  • Christopher Wylie previous Cambridge Analytica Tech director
  • NBC news report about Cambridge Analytica "abuse" of Facebook data (3/2018)
    • earlier UK The Guardian series on this provides more details related to Brixit, 2016 and Russia?
  • Tristan Harris  (ex Google) TED talk on manipulation of users to capture maximum attention cycles (2014)
  • Dr. Michal Kosinski -- once Cambridge researcher (now Stanford) who pioneered the "Facebook Analytics" psychographics
  • Who stores what ... esp. voice activated/conferencing systems
  • BBC on Big Data in Elections -- and behavioral microtargeting 
  • UK Guardian
  • Article on Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine, Feb 2017; Berit Anderson and Brett Horvath;

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