AI - Social Media Resources

A number of my classes are building on a core set of related resources ... and it makes sense to consolidate these into a single page that I can maintain, rather than have pages falling out of date.  Some of these will relate to one topic area, and not a specific class, but the connections are painfully real.
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What you can do -- some personal actions
  • Privacy Settings insight from Canadian Government, Privacy tsar
  • Consumer Reports:  Deleting un-needed accounts,
  • Google Hangout Data purging (may parallel removing much data from Google)
  • In Facebook settings you can control things like: TAG recommendations for photos that look like you, Ad presentation criteria, etc. (not data collection about you)

The Challenges
Privacy - we are being tracked and analyzed across the web and beyond
AI and Propaganda

Real News --- how can you tell? Who can you trust?

Advertising Business Model - Sharing fear and outrage for profit

Entities & Proposals seeking to offset the impacts

The First Amendment Issues and Challenges
The Political Side of things