Little Issues with Big Data and AI

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The last of these classes is gone, but I find I keep needing to point folks to key big-data links and
this page is a great place to do that.  So -- here are key links and comments about these.
I'm specifically trying to encourage you to view these original sources for insight on their work as it can be applied in many ways, some good, some bad, and some we might disagree on (good from my view, bad from yours ... but then reverse the objectives and you may find we reverse opinions as well) ... this stuff is real, we need to get broad public awareness of these capabilities, and probably start considering what limitations, if any, should be imposed.  (Assume country R uses these capabilities to alter the elections in country A for example ... or trigger mass public demonstrations/riots or terrorist acts or .... )
Initial Course description
OLLI class for Fall 2017 - Nashua Huntington Nov 3rd, 10-noon; Concord Nov 17
IEEE Life Members presentation, Lincoln Labs, Dec. 20176

Big Data is one of the current growth areas in computing, and Artificial Intelligence is THE hot topic of 2017.  The two combined create a whole new world of "predictive analytics", individualization, and influence. 
this exposes a number of issues that the public need to consider such as like ownership, privacy, disclosure, liability, accuracy, the "right to be forgotten" and more. Jim will provide some historical context that shines a light on recent, current and future issues facing corporations, software developers, managers, lawyers and the public in general.  A presentation extracted from it's technical roots, and re-engineered to align with the concepts of "the man in the street", (or woman for that matter.)