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I have been developing some STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) related courses  for a few different venues.  These include Life Long Learning programs (RISE and OLLI) as well as pre-college programs. 

I have  tried to put relevant syllabuses online, and keep them updated, in part because they include links to many relevant online (and mostly free) materials -- so you don't need to attend the class to get some really great information and insight.

2018 Spring Events:
  • TEDx June 2nd, 2018 Stockbridge Theater at Pinkerton Academy
  • 2018 Fall events:
  • 2038: Technology and Our Future - The Future is not what it used to be
    • RISE - Sept 7 to Oct 5th Fridays 9-10:30AM rm 121
    • OLLI - Sept.4-Oct 2nd, Tuesdays 10-11:30 Concord
    • Prior: 2018 spring: OLLI Manchester
  • Analytics, Social Media and Privacy
    OLLI Manchester --  1:00 - 3:00 PMWednesday, December 5 
    OLLI Nashua -        - 1:00 - 3:00 pm,Wednesday, August 29     at the Hunt in Nashua
  • Retirement Living Options - Fri Oct 12-Nov 2, 10-12 OLLI Manchester
  • Predictive Fiction - exploring the future via fiction -  Sept. 28, 2018 7-8:30PM
    at the 
    New Hampshire Telephone Museum in Warner
  • AI Concepts and Impact -- NH Professional Engineering Oct. 9th
Candidates for future classes
Previous Offerings (if they look good, let Jim know in time to set up the class)
  •  Little Issues with Big Data and AI -- It's not just big brother that is watching, it's almost every web site, and the impact of predictive analytics + data synthesis + individualization is changing your world - resistance is futile?
    • 2017 Nashua (Huntington) Nov 3rd, 10-noon; OLLI Concord Nov 17, 1-3PM
  • AI IEEE life member's focus 4:00 P.M. Wednesday, 14 March 2018 at the Lincoln Lab Cafeteria, Lincoln MA
  • A Exploration with Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
    Philosophy, Psychology - what is real? how does the mind work? Do you know the way to San Jose?
    An award winning book that is very, very tightly written
      • Previous: RISE Nashua: 2015 Mar 16 to April 20; OLLI Manchester: 2015 May 6 to June 10; OLLI Concord: 2014 Nov 14 to Dec 9
  •  "60's: Spies, Lies and Sunken Subs"  We will look at the various stories surrounding the Russian K-129 sub, raised in part by the Glomar Explorer -- This story of intrigue and technology takes place from 1962 though 1975, with folks still publishing new information in 2012 --- a view of the cold war, silent service (subs), spies (military/NSA, KGB,  and CIA), cover stories, covert operations -- with questions that still have no answers today!  A delightful case study to encourage critical thinking. (And a brief flashback to the Cuban Missile Crisis)
      • Spring 2017, 5 Thursdays: 4/20-5/18 1:30-3:30 PM; The Huntington at Nashua, 55 Kent Lane, Nashua
      • Previous: 2016 fall: Concord OLLI;  OLLI Manchester, Spring 2013; Spring 2014 for RISE Nashua;OLLI  April 2014 Concord  -- 2015 short version for IEEE life members 2015 Nov 18th

    Bafflegab 101 - Many of the classes in this list reflect the underlying question of "how do we know what we know?" -- This class seeks to explore that more directly using a film that combines Quantum Physics, Meta Physics and New Age Spiritualism: "What the Bleep Do We Know!?" -- A view into some oddities of modern physics and assertions of how these might relate to reality -- an exercise in critical/skeptical thinking.
    • Spring 2017, 4 Tuesdays: 3/28-4/18; 12:30-3:00 PM; Granite State College Concord, 25 Hall Street, Concord
    • previous: 2016 Fall: Manchester OLLI 
  •  "Implications of Evolution" -- with Leonora as lead -   A look at the "missing links" from Darwin's initial Theory -- including genetics, geological time frames, the fossil record -- Things that were predicted by his theory, confirm it, and could have invalidated it if it were wrong.
    • Spring 2017, 5 Thursdays: 4/20-5/18, 10-12, The Hunt, 10 Allds St, Nashua
    • Previous: 11/10 to 12/9/14 OLLI GSC Concord; 9/9/13 to 10/7/13 RISE ; 11/14-12/5/12  OLLI Manchester
  •  About Time -- In the beginning, before the Internet, TV, Radio, Candles ... folks had nothing better to do in their evenings than stare at the sky (Ok, maybe a few better things.) Days were easy to figure out- big orange thing that comes and goes. Where did we get Hours, eons, geological time, cosmological time? What do trains have to do with timezones and relativity, or vermilion pens with astrology, or Pope Gregory with leap years?
    • previous: fall 2015 Oct 19 - Nov 16th RISE Nashua, Nov 10-Dec 8 OLLI Manchester
    • IT Came From the BLOG!
      Jim is the lead Blogger for the Society on the Social Implications of Technology, the issues raised in this forum are thought provoking and change over time with new technology and new insights - considerations include Privacy, Security, Community, Education and more
      • previous: 2015 Nov 23rd OLLI Concord 1-3PM
  • The Best of TED (based on videos, with Swede Nelson as co-conspirator)
      • 2015 Fall: Manchester OLLI Oct 6 to Oct 27, 2015 Spring May 1st to May 29, 2014 Fall Manchester OLLI

  • Bats: Scary or Best of Mammals - Leonora's insight
      • previous: 2015 Nov 24 OLLI Manchester; 2015 June 1, 2015 Concord; 2014 Sept. 25  OLLI Manchester
    •  Cyberattacks -- Whose side is your computer on?
      A little history, introduction to concepts, and a look at some of the first real nation-state attacks -- plus a bit on how you can avoid being a combatant  
        • Previous: Extract for 2015 Sept. 18th program; OLLI Concord: 2015 March 27  GSC; 2013 Fall OLLI Manchester, Spring 2014 for RISE
    • Drake's Last Term - Get out your crystal ball to see where we are headed - working with insight from influential books such as Homo DeusThe Future, and Thank you for Being Late
      • 2017 fall canceled ... poor title to engage folks re-packaged with additional resources 
    • Dinosaurs -- with Leonora as lead
        • 2015 OLLI Manchester April 27
    •  "Technology Indistinguishable from Magic"  (AKA Five Impossible Things Before Lunch), A forward look at areas where emerging technology could well take us by surprise, raising questions that need to be considered - from machine intelligence to immortality
          • Previous: 3/2012 RISE; 2011 OLLI Manchester; 2009 RISE
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