Jim Isaak's Web Site

Welcome to my site ... I've started to post some of the presentations I've done as IEEE CS President, and more recently to student groups looking at the career futures in the STEM world and the value of being engaged in a professional society.  I've been accumulating materials for life long learning programs from the technology of immortality, to spies and subs; and occasionally writing short stories, mostly in the SciFi domain.

In following up on my role as 2010 President of the IEEE Computer Society.  My section here on Professional Activities is focused on key things I feel professionals and employers need to consider with respect to being active in such organizations.  The key points: increased innovation, development of leadership and team work skills, career development and Social Capital.  I've added a link to some of the presentations I've developed related to the computing profession, recommendations for existing professionals and folks looking to enter the field of computing.