Impossible Things:
Jim Isaak

Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi -- Happiness as “flow”

“lost” in your work
 Can happen when you are reading, watching TV
Also playing video games, etc.

Key points on Flow

Completely involved in what you are doing focused, concentrated      
 A sense of ecstasy - being outside everyday reality
Great inner clarity - knowing what needs to be done and how well we are doing
Knowing that the task is doable our  skills are adequate to the task
a sense of serenity - no worries about ones self a feeling of growing beyond the ego boundaries
Timelessness - focus on present hours seem to flow by in minutes
Intrinsic motivation - whatever produces flow it becomes it's own reward

Layard Lectures

“By happiness I mean feeling good enjoying life and feeling it is wonderful. And by unhappiness I mean feeling bad and wishing things were different. “
Research results Most happy to least happy:
Sex, Socializing after work, Dinner, relaxing
.... down to childcare, work, commuting
Money counts up to about  $15k/yr (2000)

Synthetic Happiness - Dan Gilbert

1 year after: Lottery or Paraplegic
We Synthesize happiness
Art Prints example
Photo class (reversible decisions decreases happiness)

Brain - Matthieu Ricard

Buddhist monk – Molecular biologists
Well being (target term)
Deep sense of serenity & fulfillment
Maybe while sad?
Breaking negative thought reinforcement
Mind training via meditation
Brain plasticity -  research shows mediators are many deviations outside of the curve.

Why Happiness - Nancy Etcoff

What else counts?

Mindful action & Intentionality
Self & Spiritual actualization