New England Bat Information
 Name      Mass (g)     Wing Span (mm)  Comments                                                                                                                                 
 Red Bat  7-12      290-350  One of few species that bears two or more young, migrates south, hangs from trees to rest,   
 Hoary Bat  35  380-410  Prefers evergreens, alone, swift-direct flight  BLM info
 Big Brown Bat   21  325-350      common in building, doesn't migrate, boty temp -> freezing
 Little Brown Bat 7 222-270 most abundant in NA, breeds in caves in the fall 
 Keen's Bat 11  hibernates in caves, uses buildings 
 Silver-Haired Bat 10 270-310lives alone (under bark), migrates south, coniferous forest,  
 Eastern Pipistrelle
aka Tricolored bat
 4 208-256 shy, small enough to be mistaken for moth, erratic flyer 
 Indiana Bat           rare and endangered, caves for hibernation/tree nursery 

Tree of life/Clade diagrams